Erin Brubaker

Pittsburgh, PA.

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A lot of my work reflects the affection I have for retro styles in photography, film and design. I'm influenced more by architecture and landscapes for photography and the stories of real people for my filmmaking. Music is what initially inspires me though!

I'm most passionate about the art of editing and feel that editors truly craft the story and end up having the most control over a project. I love the idea of being able to work on my own and yet still collaborate closely with the director.

I'm already proficient in Final Cut Studio 7 & some AVID and since I have a degree in Graphic Design (communications), I also have worked in Adobe Photoshop,Illustrator, After Effects and some Flash. I would thoroughly enjoy creating posters, ads, logos and other promotional materials for production companies!

For me, personally, I want to make documentaries/narrative films that make people aware of other subcultures and/or people who make a difference everyday without recognition. I would love to cut trailers as well!

I am also willing to edit narrative films ( Indie and big budget), documentaries, music videos and even commercials.


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