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Musical fables of chilled out dubby folk, with ambient, industrial and electronic tendencies.

Always interested in collaborating with video artists... Most of my music can be heard through soundcloud or bandcamp. I'd also be happy to compose something bespoke.


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  1. DarioCeballos | Arte Visual
  2. Paul Dye
  3. Pol Camarero Just
  4. SoundMouse
  5. Extinction of the New Dinosaurs
  6. Francis Annan
  7. Hatred 4 Nothing
  8. WeTheTrees
  9. Nadir Bouhmouch
  10. john daly
  11. Zenjungle
  12. Old Bat
  13. Caalamus Oriente
  14. Les Norman
  15. Rockshamrover
  16. Jen Stark
  17. Quba Michalski
  18. Dan Eckert

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