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Goran Kostovski – ind.o.g. I work in the area of graphic design and advertising, for 10 years now. A progressive productive modern graphic designer. The things I have produced I have placed them on my site, so you can check them out. I love art, and occasionally I paint.

I have excellent skills in: Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign/Premiere. Also I enjoy VJing at parties and concerts, mixing video loops in Modul8. In my free time, I love taking photos on the streets of Skopje, or other urban places. Check out my blog with iphoneography and photos: and my portfolio:

Working experience with the following clients: T-Home, Cosmofon, Zito Vardar, Vipa, Panto Group, Vardar Insurance, Stater Bank, IK Bank, Vinery Grkov, Vinery Popova Kula, Vinery Chateu Sopot, Tinex, Urban Invest, Kia, Opel, Daihatsu, Seat, Renault, Elektrometal, Elektroelement, Lek Ljubljana, Krka, Epson, Gorenje, Goldmaster, MFF, GTZ, Nivea, Eucerin, Ceramica Nova, Pelisterka, Grand Caffe, Grosso Caffe, Davidoff Caffe, Pascalin Caffe etc…

My activites and Inspirations: New Art, New Media, Graphic Design, Truth, Celebrity, Dreaming, True Friendships, Hugs, Love, Mountains, Avantgarde, Vintage, Street Life, Parapsychology, Sounds, Listening My Dog Snore, Post Modernism, Innovative People, Vegetarianism, Video, Visuals, Advertising, Walking With Music, Diy, Parties, Cartoons, Shoes, Concerts, Crazy Girls, Disco Punk, Squares, Buildings, Salads, Radio, Disco, Internet, Vinyl, Mp3, Bars...

I love my job and if u want to contact me feel free to drop me a line at:

Working Experience:
•Media House - Senior Graphic Designer · November 2007 to 2011· Skopje
•Pollux - Art Director, Graphic designer, web editor, promoter · February 2006 to October 2008 · Skopje
•Blue Tang Entertainment - Graphic Designer · September 2007 to November 2007 · Skopje
•Pointer C.A - Graphic Designer · December 2006 to May 2007 · Skopje
•Art Street 26 - Graphic Designer · January 2005 to May 2006 · Skopje

Exhibitions, Performances:
•[Skopje 2007] Installation, Illustration , Sound and video art “I Like to watch” – Gallery Mala Stanica.
•[Skopje 2007] Graphic design and video art “Human Communication” Sound Art By Dj Monumental - Tochka – Festival Konstruktor Of Modern Arts.
•[Skopje 2007] Video performance Separation Between for opening At Konstruktor Lab. – M.K.C.
•[Skopje 2006] Video Performance with Macedonian Artists At Project New Planet 2007 – Museum Of Contemporary Art, Skopje
•[Skopje 2006] Video Performance, Sticker art - I Have No Identity Im Famous. – New Media Kitchen by Multimedia – Gallery Mala Stanica.
•[Stip 2006] Recording video This Is Not A Political Marketing (Shooting On Political Meeting) - Part of Open Door Project Of Мultimedia.
•[Stip 2006] Performance with sticker-art “This Is Not A Political Marketing” Part Of Open Door Project Of Мultimedia.
•[Skopje 2006] Exhibition Armitrazh Together With 18 Macedonian Artist – Tocka Presentation Of Video Art Escaping The Daily Political Brain Wash Shit.
•[Skopje 2006] Exhibition Noise People From Cartoon - Part Of Тinny Noise Festival – Tocka and Caffe Ludnica.
•[Skopje 2006] Video For Song Anxiety And Fear So Where Is Your Liberation by Cable Clark.
•[Skopje 2006] Video For Song Engineering Course Of Every Kid On Speed.
•[Skopje 2006] Video Art For Fashion Brand CUBE For Fashion Event.
•[Skopje 2005] Painting Mural DON’T LEAVE THE MISTAKES IN TOWN - Part Of White Night Project – M.K.C.
•[Skopje 2005] Exhibition Cruelty You Said Enough Together With Macedonian Artist At Project New Planet 2006 – Museum Of Contemporary Art.
•[Ohrid 2005] Performance at Coca Cola Sound Wave Festival Called MUSIC THROUGHT LIFE.
•[Skopje 2000] Painting Mural On AIDS Day – Skate Park.
•[Skopje 2000] Painting Mural WAKE UP YOU ARE LIVING IN A DREAM – Painting On Walls Of University Of Architecture. Part of project by OBSE.
•[Skopje 1998] Painting Mural OUR TOWN IS ALIVE - Painting On Walls Of High School DSGU Zdravko Cvetkovski.
•[Skopje 1996] Painting Mural WE ARE THE FUTURE - Painting On Walls Of Elementary School – Lazo Trpovski.

•Past years I was been VJing with most of the Macedonians Dj’s that play electronic music, as well as DJ coming to play in Macedonia and Balkan, such as: Dj MKDSL (SR) Dj Pyro (D), Ade Fenton (UK), Space Djz (UK), Justice Yeldham (AU), Yana Heinstein (GE), Bushwacka (UK) , Monique (HU), Troy Pierce (GE), John Gaizer (GE), (GR), Ison (GR), Toton (KS), Christian Smith (USA), Anthony Rother (GE), Tiga (CA), Dave Mothersole (UK), Kiko (FR), Paul Mac (EN), Sten Aka Lawrence (GE), Kenny Larkin (USA), James Ruskin (UK), Oliver Ho (UK), Umek (SL), Matthew Hoag (SL), Paco Osuna (SP), Guy Gerber (IS), Chaim (IS), Domique Eulberg (GE), Timo Maas (GE), Extrawelt (GE), Bone (USA), Duke Bojadziev (USA/MK) and bands like: PMG (MK), Bei the fish (MK), Kiril Dzajkovski (MK), String Forces (MK)

Please feel free to contact me!

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