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For 15 years, the team behind INDUSTREATE have been working and collaborating with both established and emerging artists and companies across all disciplines to create, conceptualize, and identify innovative, and credible partnerships, opportunities, and experiences that support the true progression of music, technology, art, and lifestyle culture.

TRASH MENAGERIE is a music culture and lifestyle blog dedicated to delivering its listeners and readers upfront music, artist downloads, features, DJ mixes, news, listings and commentary from around the globe. Trash Menagerie contributors dwell in New York, Chicago, L.A., London, Sydney, Switzerland, and Tokyo. We aim to strike a balance, featuring new fresh content, and exclusives from both established and up and coming artists and labels, as well rare, retro classics, from music pioneers. Trash Menagerie opens it’s pages to over 75k + unique readers a month and growing!

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