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Himalayas - Darjeeling, India

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Involved in the tea trade since 1863, Ineeka (“little earth) is an environmentally and socially responsible producer of USDA & Demeter International certified 100% Organic whole leaf teas and herbs. Our teas are grown organically at our family-owned farms in the pristine Himalayas, the best tea-growing region in the world, and delivered within an innovative single serve delivery system – The Brew-Taché. Ineeka is the only completely vertically integrated tea brand in North America, growing, harvesting, and packaging our teas in our own facilities in India and Chicago, hence the saying “from our fields to your cup”.

Ineeka’s award-winning organic teas are recognized for their unparalleled purity and taste, and have been sold in some of the world’s most luxurious stores like Harrods in London. Our recognitions include Outstanding Beverage (3 years in a row), Outstanding Packaging & Design, and Outstanding New Product at the NASFT Fancy Food Show.

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