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Ines von Bonhorst is a Director, producer and video artist with over 10 years of activity.
Her works range from documentaries, long and short films, experimental films and video art installations, produced both in UK and Worldwide.

In her work she often explores notions of identity, forms, limits and society using the subconscious,
surrealism and the counterfeit of being. She loves to mix the deceptive of the performance art, theater, circus, with the life itself as she thinks that the boundaries between the two realities are not so far from each other’s. She likes to use the space, architecture and mood as a way to tell a story or represent the sensations given by the location itself.

Many of her works try to create a spatial relationship between participants, she try to create a connection between the real and the fictitious and try to provoke sensations taken from our actual society such us anxiety, fear, love, claustrophobia, etc… .
She interacts with the viewer’s through her video installations, in that way the audience gain a new insight in their own definition of the “real”. Ines’ works are many times fruits of prolific collaborations between different artists, such as composers, performers and visual artists.

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