Jacopo Brancati

St Malo, Helsinki, Genoa

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(born in 1966), professional photographer and journalist. After his studies in Political Sciences at the University of Genoa ( Italy ), he turned to photography as a means of ethnological study. Since then, he focused his main interest on maritime cultural heritage
At the same time, he devotes a part of his activity to architecture, with the aim of explaining the « spirit of places »
In his photography, light depicts with gentle, precise strokes the psychology and the emotions of the people he runs into during his voyages. Since 2004, Jacopo Brancati is represented by Infine Arts his work group and agency and Bridgeman Art Library
In 2007 his book “Pilot on board! Men and Ships of Genoa Harbour” was awarded the prize “Sanremo Libro del Mare”, for photographic book section.

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