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INFINITE REALMS: The Unified Field is a short documentary film that aims to visually and aesthetically describe how all people are connected through key concepts from recent scientific research in physics. Specifically, the research undertaken by physicist Nassim Haramein to create a "Unified Field Theory". This information can change our lives on earth dramatically, because it unlocks deep levels of understanding about our existence and explores direct correlation between the structure of the universe and human consciousness. It is crucial for us to adapt our way of living now and eliminate the out of date practices that are no longer relevant to our future on this planet.

Understanding the science behind Unified Field Theory can be complex
to the layman, and in his presentations Nassim Haramein spends up
to two weeks explaining everything required to cognitively grasp the
theory. Jamie Janover is a lead emissary for Nassim Haramein's
Resonance Project and travels the world giving talks on Nassim's
theory, which although condensed, still last up to four or five hours.
So how do we condense this into a film?

Some of the basic concepts can be shown by incorporating visual
examples in the right contexts. For instance: a visual of water
spinning down a drain, a hurricane whirling and images of our
galaxy swirling. In fact, when you understand the theory, you can see
it everywhere you go! It exists in everything, because it is a "theory
of everything". This is our attempt as artists to translate some basic concepts
of this theory and other related themes into a visual and artistic form,
so that it can be interpreted easily, by anyone, without the need for
a PhD level comprehension of mathematics or physics.

We realize that it would be a challenge to incorporate everything into one film so if we are funded, this film will serve as the first seed in the aims of growing a network of similar projects. We want to show people how tangible and relevant this information is to everyone!


The unified field is the space we all live in. All matter we observe is made of atoms and all atoms are made of 99.999999% space, yet we measure the "emptiness" of space to actually be infinitely full with energy!

Unified field theory is a theory of everything that describes the nature of all things, no matter how big or how small. Physicists describe the universe and the nature of reality using a specific language called math to write equations that reflect what we observe in the universe.

Contemporary science we have different equations to describe the big and the small, but if we want to truly understand the fundamentals of our universe then we need to understand the very structure of the fabric of space-time. The study of structure in space is called geometry so to understand space we need to understand the geometry of the fabric of the vacuum and the dynamics of space-time within that structure.

This film will compile the research and theories of many people but focuses on the work of Nassim Haramein of The Resonance Project Foundation. His ground-breaking theories describe the universe in a new and more complete way than other models and his research is starting to unlock deeper levels of understanding about our reality.

Science is progressing exponentially and at an accelerated rate. Our technology is developing just as rapidly. This is a critical period in our evolution to assimilate all that we know about the universe in hopes of coming into coherency and harmony with nature instead of destroying our environment as we interact with it.


We want to utilize all our collective artistic and musical talents to translate the essence of our current understanding of the universe in hopes of helping people to visualize their world and come into resonance with it. We may not be able to tackle it all in one film, but our hope is to make this a series of films that aim to describe such concepts in a beautiful and accessible way.

We want to help the planet as a whole move forward and make well-informed decisions about how to change the way interact with our environment and each other. Ultimately we feel that if we can come into a harmonious relationship with everything and better understand everything then we can make this planet a lot more fun and with a lot less conflict. If we can create technology that acts in harmony with the universe then we might be able to create an infinite amount of energy and transform our society from scarcity consciousness to abundance consciousness: Festival EARTH!


Film-making is an expensive business, from equipment rental to locations to licensing music and footage to hiring crew and creating the art that appears on screen. These are some of the things we will be using the money for:

- Buying supplies and tools to create beautiful visual experiments that help describe the structure of space and resonance, such as cymatics

- Licensing any footage that we can't film ourselves, such as, the earth from space, or aerial cinematography. Footage of locations in countries where we can't afford to travel. We want to be explicit in our visual journey and not limit ourselves only to where we can physically travel.

- Renting pieces of equipment that compliment what we already own and are necessary to complete the film, especially lenses, and lights.

- The purchase of a hard drive, and ram for our computers to support the editing process.

- No one will be making "wages" on this project, we are reserving some budget to offer honorariums to everyone involved, so that we can fully dedicate ourselves to the project without distraction. This money will cover basic expenses for things like nourishing food to eat to keep ourselves fueled up as we work!


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