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Record InFocus, a weekly Christian newsmagazine program, is aimed at audiences interested in current events involving and affecting Christians today. Focusing on Australia and the South Pacific region, InFocus includes a news bulletin, political commentary, lifestyle advice and interviews with both high profile and everyday followers of Jesus.

Record InFocus airs weekly on the international Hope Channel satellite network, the Australian Christian Channel (Foxtel/Austar/Optus - channel 182) and Digital 44 community television in Adelaide, South Australia.

Host: Kent Kingston
Newsreader: Dannielle Synot
Presenters: James Toogood, Sue Radd, Trafford Fischer, Neale Schofield, Lyle Shelton
Executive Producer: James Standish
Producer: Kent Kingston
Technical director/editor: Richard Ewing
Researchers and writers: Kent Kingston, James Standish, Katherine Spackman
Production Assistants: Linden Chuang, Theodora Amuimuia, Gilmore Tanabose
Post-production: Richard Ewing, Kent Kingston

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  • RECORD - News site for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the South Pacific region


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