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This is a collection of student work from the information design class of Prof. Anna-Lisa Schönecker at School of Design Mainz, Germany. As projects have been created by different students please see credits in each movie.

Anna-Lisa Schönecker is a graphic and interaction designer. She teaches information design at School of Design Mainz.


  1. MIT Media Lab
  3. Chris Carlson
  4. ECAL
  5. Like Knows Like
  7. hm-lab
  8. Hillman Curtis
  9. kidesign
  10. National Film Board of Canada
  11. TwoPoints.Net
  12. Bret Victor
  13. ETH CAAD Lectures
  14. Sandbox Education
  15. Charles Severance
  16. Thibault de Fournas
  17. HfG Offenbach
  18. Henning M. Lederer

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