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Ingrid Cogne was born and raised in France. She graduated in Didactic and Motor Activity in 2001 and defended a master thesis in Dance Anthropology in 2004. Ingrid Cogne has been based in Stockholm since 2005. October 2011, Ingrid Cogne started a PhD at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna with her project of research titled ”Displacement(s) as Method(s)”.

Working with choreography she creates artistic proposals in series that relate to the artistic, political and social situations she faces. Using displacement(s) as method(s) Ingrid Cogne places herself in an “in between” different projects she develops in parallel. She studies the positions and positioning of the artist and the spectator in the “in between”: times and spaces; process and product; theory and practice and questions the dynamic of meeting(s). Her work has been presented in Sweden (Stockholm, Malmö, Umeå and Göteborg), France, Germany, Ukraine and has been processed in Japan and USA.

Ingrid Cogne also works as dramaturge or performer for other artists.

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