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For years, when lighting professionals need exceptional quality with superior service, they look to Inner Circle Distribution (ICD).

ICD spans numerous markets including production, contracting, architectural, nightclubs, retail, churches, cruise lines, themed environments, educational centers, television and movie production. Our products are distributed throughout the United States, Canada, South America and the Caribbean.

We are intimately familiar with the lighting industry and are able to address all of your needs with the highest level of competence and knowledge. Our 25+ years of experience allows us to continue to deliver on our promise of exceptional products and services. We stock specialty concert lights, LED lighting products, LED curtains, hazers, fog machines and much more from well-known industry leaders like Hazebase, Elements Lighting, EUROLITE, Futurelight, MADRIX, Alutruss, Omnitronic, EuroPalms, PSSO and Diamavery
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