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Dear animators!
We are excited to announce Contest of Dreams is organized by Insomnia festival.
It would be cool if you will take part in it!
Insomnia Festival is the first open-air animation festival.

From July 16th through 19th of 2015, our team will conduct the open-air animation festival Insomnia. We’re arranging tow large screens for audiences to watch, showing a selection of the greatest works from recent years.

And! Films of the Contest of Dreams

There are 3 categories in this contest:

1. Debutoria (your first work);
2. Profnastil (category is open to all professionals);
3. Equilibristics
The competition consists of two stages: pre-selection and the jury meeting. Works are accepted up to 01 of June 2015 inclusive.
All the questions by e-mail:

Best regards, Insomniafest team

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