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INSTANT es una comunidad de artistas donde el músico Jesús Diaz comparte sus canciones con otros creadores para que realicen una idea inspirándose en su música.

Los artistas realizan una idea como un corto, un relato, un video con el iphone, etc… y la comparten en la comunidad Instant.

vente con nosotros...
INSTANT is a community of artists where musician Jesús Díaz shares his songs with
other creators, who then develop ideas inspired by his music.

The artists create a piece such as a short film, a story, an iPhone video, etc. and they share it in the Instant community. Many of the songs are spontaneous recordings, or their flaws and imperfections have simply been left untouched so as to preserve their essence.

Each time a song meets a creation of a different art discipline, a new, unique work is born. Instant is about uniting ideas and people, and sharing the results with the world.

come with us...


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