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Mary has been an instructor since 2003, and a full-time instructor since 2011. As a Master Instructor, she holds over 30 certifications in yoga, equipment and mat pilates, fitness, anatomy, and therapeutics, plus a bachelor of science in electrical engineering and a minor in outdoor education. Meaning? She can teach anything to anyone!
She has written certification manuals, trained instructors, presented at fitness conferences, and spent 6 weeks studying yoga and living with host families in India as a recipient of the Rotary Club International Group Study Exchange Fellowship.

A constant student of world renowned instructors, she is one of the most thoroughly and currently trained teachers you will find, giving her the unique ability to tune into any group of people and teach just the right class for them. She not only teaches yoga, she lives it, making her classes an ever-evolving result of her continuous studies and experience. This enables her to create classes that are functional and practical, while finding a way to keep serious work lighthearted.

Her yoga classes tend toward alignment focused Vinyasa, fueled by her studies of Sridaiva, Anusara, Iyengar, Yin, and Restorative yoga, plus the body's subtle energy system. Mary believes yoga has helped her to uncover and work through everything that has held her back from being the best possible version of herself, and wants to use whatever yoga knowledge she can to help others to the same. Although she is a master instructor, yoga is her passion.

She tends toward the contemporary approach to Pilates, taking Joseph’s amazing work and applying it more towards modern needs and issues, backing it with the most current anatomical and therapeutic information.

Overall, her classes are creative and effective, helping everyone feel a sense of accomplishment and deeper connection with themselves.

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