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We opened our doors sixteen years ago with a promise to make great tasting coffee. While that goal remains, our notion of what makes coffee great has changed profoundly.Today the company is considered an industry pioneer with roasting locations in Chicago and Los Angeles, award-winning coffee bars and baristas, and a team of producers scattered around the globe growing the world’s most exciting coffees.

It is the relationship with these producers and its longevity that establishes Intelligentsia coffees as some of the best in the world. By working with the same farms and cooperatives each year, visiting them often and paying well above market prices, we are able to assist with their development and help them achieve economic sustainability and success through delicious coffee.

We recognize the farm as the source of quality and work tirelessly to make sure that quality is preserved as it travels by sea and land to our roasters in Chicago and Los Angeles. Once in our hands, we are constantly experimenting, researching and tasting to make sure we’re yielding the full potential of a coffee. We brew everything by the cup and assume a constant position that
we can always do better.

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