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Intercon is a leading international interior architecture office, specialising in mid to large scale interior design projects. Intercon’s work around the world strives to create unique spaces that meet the requirements of their customers and their markets, where beauty, aesthetics and innovation blend seamlessly with sustainable functionality.

Recent Intercon projects include; KMUD mixed development (comprising of a shopping mall, hotel, offices and residential apartments) in Al Khobar, Hotel Blue in Fontainebleau, Hôtel Les Pléiades in Barbizon, Dostyk Hotel in Almaty, ENEC guesthouse in Abu Dhabi, Shatt Al Arab Hotel in Basrah, ARAC Hotels in Al Khobar, Jeddah & Riyadh, Al Ain mixed use development, in Al Ain, Hotel Ausias March, in Barcelona, Jumeirah first complex hotel in Dubai and Al Rawdatain Gardens hotel & apartments in Karballa, to name but a few.

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