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C. Wasaff grew up in the backwoods of Texas, where at a very young age she was immersed in watching and writing thrillers. At the age of twenty, she ventured from Austin, TX to Los Angeles to pursue her passion of filmmaking, with a focus on the thriller and horror genre.

She began her film career working for writer/producer Kevin Williamson, and transitioned to art department on several Wes Craven films. Her first literary sale was a feature film treatment to producer, Wes Craven. In addition to her writing career, she made her directorial debut with the movie “In Trees,” a short thriller that was embraced at several film festivals. The lead actor from the short film went on to co-star in Showtime’s new series “Look.”

Most recently she was the VP of Development at Collins Ave, where she developed and sold TV shows to CW, TLC, and Animal Planet networks.


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  1. Scáth Beorh commented on In Trees
    Nice metaphor of terrible parenting. Great job!