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I'm a freelance motion graphic designer based in Brooklyn after moving from San Francisco, my home for 14 years. Since arriving in New York, I've been busy working for Youtube, The New York Times, Bigstar, Tribal DDB, Hatchback Studio and competed in the Cut&Paste Digital Design Tournament NYC. In San Francisco, I had freelanced for Goodby, Silverstein & Partners; Maxis/EA, Bonfire, Elastic Creative and more.

Prior to working freelance, I was a designer/producer at Gunshop, a motion graphics production company in San Francisco. My role as designer/producer required that I manage projects, as well as be responsible for design, animation and editing. I worked closely with agencies including McCann; Goodby, Silverstein and Partners; Venables Bell & Partners; and Hoffman York. Our client list ranged from Sprint, Nascar, Verizon, Microsoft and Cisco to MTV and VH1.

I received a bachelor's degree in Motion Graphic Design at Ex'pression College for Digital Art where I graduated with honors and earned Valedictorian of my class.

To view my demo reel and samples of my work, please check my website at:

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