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  1. Audio Mainline

    Audio Mainline


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    Cinematic ambiance, bass grooves, warped guitars, and soothing female vocals. UK music group Audio Mainline are set to release SOMA REMIXED - Feb 2016. Soma 'A Soundtrack for Dreaming'. A sensory capsule, fittingly recorded in Asia’s Kingdom of Wonder. Published by Invisible Agent…

  2. Stitch Films

    Stitch Films Ireland


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    Stitch Films is an Irish based film production company run by Shirley Weir & Frank Reid CONTACT shirley@stitchfilms.ie

  3. Alex Leonard

    Alex Leonard Ballycastle, Northern Ireland


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    I'm an electronic music producer. All my music is released under a Creative Commons license. Feel free to download my album, EP's or live sets from my website www.ebauche.net. If you're looking for a web designer, well that's my day job. Check out our company website at www.pixelapes.com Finally…

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