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Invisible Ph t grapher Asia (IPA) is a collective of photographers in Asia united by their common passion for street photography and visual journalism.

IPA also serves as a platform, blog, showcase and library archive of street photography and visual journalism in Asia.

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  1. Isaac Niemand
  2. Liang-Pin Tsao
  3. shannon Castleman
  4. carlo gabuco
  5. Nicolas Deveaux
  6. Charles Lim Yi Yong
  7. Tony Zhou
  8. Pablo Bartholomew
  9. urbanforces
  10. MediaStorm
  11. Ingurazia
  12. Slideluck
  13. Min-Wei Ting
  14. goaphoto
  15. Tan Pin Pin
  16. Nathan Mauger
  17. DEVELOP Tube

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