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Carrots are good for health and at Invisible Rabbit we treasure them.
A good creative is like a good carrot. Juicy enough to sustain interest. Healthy enough to pay the bills. So bring it on!
A boutique animation studio, where you can see your creative brief walk, talk, run, jump out of the 2D, 3D, Stop Motion or any other media. If you are the more adventurous kinds then let's fix up for lunch and discover a new medium altogether.
So the best place for your carrot to dangle is inside our studio at Mumbai, India.
In the Seven years of its existence, the studio has an ever growing client List and happy carrot eaters!
P.S. Invisible Rabbit loves to savor its carrot, hence it doesn't take them by the dozen.
Each carrot (or project if you are the more corporate kind) is devoured with full personal attention.

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