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Graduated from the Faculty of Theatre and Television, at the section of Cinematography, Photography and Media, Cluj Napoca, - BA in Image of Film and TV
Currently pursuing MA at the same Faculty, department of Documentary Film and a MFA at Syracuse University, New York in Film Directing and Production


  1. Eeva Siivonen
  2. The Delirium Constructions
  3. Ozan Atalan
  4. JuneKyu Park
  5. Video Surplus Varied Toil
  6. Munjal Yagnik
  7. Mona Nicoara
  8. Cantoreanu Vlad Vasile
  9. Iulia Matei
  10. Chilli Productions
  11. Grzegorz Brzozowski
  12. Menno Otten
  13. Sara Tirelli
  14. Akos Nyoszoli
  15. Guillermo García-Ramos
  16. Fox In The Box

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