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I am an experimental filmmaker, director, writer, DOP, editor and composer. I am the epitome of hands on, old school filmmaking; one that has a go at all aspects of film production from sound to vision.

My strong academic background in cognitive science has sort of left its stamp on my aesthetics, as depicted by films such as QUANTA. QUANTA was shortlisted as part of the prestigious Leftfield and Luscious, a programme specially selected by the LSFF team, that showcased the best in new experimental shorts from stunning animations to groundbreaking artist’s work. QUANTA was screened at the ICA, on Sun 12th Jan, 2014.

I am also the organizer of the CANON DSLR Collective for hands on filmmaking. We are an active London based filmmaking group that meets regularly. The group is calling out to all Canon DSLR owners who have a keen interest in making deep, profound, well thought out films with a limited or no budget. Also owners of other equipment related to audio, advanced editing and knowledge of after effects are welcome!


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