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Iona initially trained in Fine Art as a painter/printmaker and went on to School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam. Later still she trained at Cirkuspiloterna in Sweden.
In the 15 years of performing her own solos with different musicans internationally she has also toured the world with Major Belgian Directors ALAIN PLATEL (les ballets C de La B) "VSPRS" and WIM VANDEKEYBUS (Ultima Vez)"Scratching the Inner Fields".
Her own performance works were first shown in New York, St Marks Church in 1999-'Bullet at Sternum' with Barry 7 of 'ADD N to (X)' futuristic electronic-punk. Since, Iona has performed/directed her numerous creations through mediums of Live art, dance,circus,musicians,artworks and texts from Amsterdam,London,SanFrancisco,Gent,Riga,Sidgula,Paris,Brussels,Torino,Stockholm,Helsinki,Berlin,Edinburgh,Lyon,Mulhouse,Toulouse,Bristol,Neerpelt,Mexico,Glasgow,Birmingham,Rennes,Pays de..

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