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Im a guy who is visually inspired about the world around me, I hope to share my experiences with Vimeo here. Always thought the quality was better than youtube by far so. I also run a thing called iox shift. just something that i like to share my work etc. Improving over time


  1. Giant Animation Studios
  2. Hiro Murai
  3. Phastraq vfx
  4. Lenny Wilson
  5. UPPERCUT group
  6. Julius Horsthuis
  7. Studio Aiko
  8. Xfrog Plants
  9. Alf Lovvold
  10. Zidane Stewart
  11. Philip Bloom
  12. Jon Bosley
  13. Susi Sie
  14. Sony Professional USA
  15. Rock-a-Bye Baby
  16. Tom Lowe
  17. The Foundry
  18. Junichi Akimoto

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