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Birmingham, UK, and wider world.

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Ian Kennedy has been creating varied and distinctive productions for over a decade, with 135 drama episodes broadcast on the BBC, many other broadcast credits with Radio 1, Five Live and others as well as an innovative and award-winning student radio drama in student radio. As well as being an established and experienced professional scriptwriter (with nearly 150 BBC credits) and script reader (trained by WriteMovies), he is technically skilled, working as a producer for film and video as well as radio and audio, and as a web and graphic designer. More details on his writing and productions can be found at iqkennedy.co.uk. He has also produced many videos and films for clients, which can be found at friendlycreatives.co.uk. He also runs the communications and website for independent producers' network The Producers' Forum, at producersforum.org.uk.

"Wherever possible, I find inventive devices within my works that account for the artifices that brought them about. The intended result is films and pieces that feel distinctive and evocative, and which constantly make us question the nature of the medium through which we are consuming the story, and the deceptions or personal perspectives which are shaping what we get to see, hear and feel while we're in its world. If you're not intending to be interesting, why bother making things at all? I'd much rather my films be interesting than perfect."

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