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  1. 36:06

    iRace 2013 Round 2

    by Sam Dale

    7 Videos

    Round 2 Sydney Motorsport Park - GP Circuit 3 May 2013

  2. 24:12


    by Sam Dale

    3 Videos

    Three part film about what it's like to race. Go inside the driver's mind and learn about getting ready for a race, the ups and downs of the race itself, and then the feelings after the…

  3. 05:33

    Replay XD Hot Laps

    by Sam Dale

    2 Videos

    Thanks to Replay XD high definition action cameras, Australian Racing Technologies presents the Replay XD Hot Lap as part of the 2013 Independent Race Series. Go onboard with some of the series'…

  4. 32:24

    iRace 2013 Round 1

    by Sam Dale

    7 Videos

    Round 1 Sydney Motorsport Park - GP South 1 Feb 2013

  5. 26:32

    iRace 2012 Round 6

    by Sam Dale

    9 Videos

    Sydney Motorsport Park - GP North 30 November 2012

  6. 39:03

    iRace 2012 Round 5

    by Sam Dale

    11 Videos

    Sydney Motorsport Park - GP North 27 October 2012

  7. 01:21:47

    LeMans Sports

    by Sam Dale

    17 Videos

    LeMans Sports is an exciting new series for Prototype Sports Cars. The kind of Sports Cars you see racing at Le Mans and around the world, racing on a circuit near you. Some of the most high tech,…

  8. 51:02

    Formula Tasman

    by Sam Dale

    10 Videos

    FORMULA TASMAN caters for a wide variety of single seaters, and it’s that diversity that makes the championship such an exciting prospect. FORMULA TASMAN will feature the very fastest Motor…

  9. 01:25:12


    by Sam Dale

    18 Videos

    RocketSports is a drivers category, with the emphasis on close, clean racing, where the driver’s skill is more important than his or her budget. Some cars feature a motorcycle engine, mounted…

  10. 38:07

    iRace 2012 Round 4

    by Sam Dale

    12 Videos

    Sydney Motorsport Park GP North 5 Aug 2012

  11. 52:41

    iRace 2012 Round 3

    by Sam Dale

    13 Videos

    Morgan Park Raceway 16 - 17 June 2012

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