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Irene Cruz is Photographer and Video artist. She was born in Madrid 1987 and now lives and works in Berlin. She studied Advertisement & Public Relations and also Audiovisual Comunication at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. After this she did the International Masters at EFTI specializing in Conceptual Photography and Artistic Creation. She was highly influenced by Course on the Narrative effects of light. Light is indeed a very important part of her work which makes her explore and experiment in the countries of Northern Europe. She has won several prizes, including an áccesit in Fototalentos (organized by the Banco Santander Foundation), the Second Prize in AENA Foundation Photography Contest and the First Prize in Iberdrola Photography Contest in 2014. Irene Cruz was also awarded by the International platform for the best video art of 2014.. She has participated in more than 200 exhibitions art fairs and festivals all over the world (in important places like Palais de Tokyo - Paris-, Project Art Space -NYC-, Kunsthalle -Berlin-, Círculo de Bellas Artes -Madrid-, etc).
International collections count on her artwork too.

About my video-art:

Irene Cruz started her professional career as a photographer, later adding the medium of video to her artistic repertoire. her video artworks discover the realm of film, literally seen as moving images. they oscillate between the boundaries of minimalistic “one-action” narratives and photographic snapshots, fixed in time and space. in the harmonic universe of Cruz’ works there are relations of tender treatment and therapeutic cure which establish the grid of intimate connections between the cultural and natural aspects of life. these ascetic visual worlds seem to be self-sufficient; they deliver the self-referential time-based structures of simultaneity in Bergson’s sense, which tend to juxtapose the viewer’s feeling of time. there is no representation of faces nor explicit identities in the video works – the environments visible are not inviting. the visual aesthetics can be labeled as “for private use only”, they force the viewer to fulfil the role of a voyeur. therefore every show is an „exceptional” one, revealing our economy of seeing in discourses of (bio)power, violance and surveillance.

Timur Kiselev

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