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  2. 02:47


    by IRI

    6 Videos

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    by IRI

    3 Videos

  6. 27:57


    by IRI

    12 Videos

    Video interviews from the Fourth International Conference on Climate Services, held in Montevideo, Uruguay, Dec 10-12, 2014. #ICCS4

  7. 17:13

    LDEO Open House 2014

    by IRI

    6 Videos

  8. 31:38

    Financial Instruments

    by IRI

    11 Videos

  9. 27:08

    CariCOF/IRAP Workshop, May 2014

    by IRI

    14 Videos

    Climatologists, meteorologists, social scientists, and decision-makers from sectors including water resources, agriculture, and health gathered in Kingston, Jamaica for the Caribbean Climate Outlook…

  10. 01:29:46

    El Niño 2015

    by IRI

    27 Videos

    A collection of videos produced by the International Research Institute for Climate and Society on the climate event known as El Niño.

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