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  1. 00:00

    Agrhymet Training, Interviews

    by IRI

    Interviews of participants and trainers at Agrhymet in Niamey, Niger. May 2012.

  2. 04:03:45

    Data Library Tutorials

    by IRI

    6 Videos

    A series of in-house Data Library training sessions. Explore and Improve your Data Library skills

  3. 03:01

    AGU 2012

    by IRI

    4 Videos

    Videos from the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco

  4. 08:24

    Tornado Workshop

    by IRI

    3 Videos

    Interviews from a workshop (March 14/15) held at IRI and the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory that brought together the nation’s experts on tornadoes and violent thunderstorms to discuss ways…

  5. 01:07:12


    by IRI

    14 Videos

    Examples that illustrate IRI's multimedia capabilities.

  6. 00:00

    Climate Briefings

    by IRI

    2 Videos

    IRI's monthly Climate Briefings

  7. 07:20

    East Africa Drought

    by IRI

    8 Videos

    A series of interviews with IRI scientists on the drought and famine in the Horn of Africa

  8. 20:24

    International Conference on Climate Services, 2011

    by IRI

    22 Videos

    Videos from the International Conference on Climate Services, held at Columbia University in October, 2011. For more information, visit: iccs.iri.columbia.edu

  9. 40:13

    WHO TDR Training

    by IRI

    2 Videos

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