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IriTech is a US corporation headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia with a regional office in Seoul, Korea. We supply the iris biometrics software and hardware foundational for identity assurance and contribute to the security and safety of humankind. IriTech's unique and patented iris recognition algorithm underlies our highly acclaimed iris identification technology. Independent US government testing (NIST IREX I) has validated the superior performance of this algorithm. Recently IriTech successfully secured STQC certification paving the way for participation in the world largest biometric project in India.

Our team is composed of exceptional researchers, hardware engineers, and software engineers with a passion for iris recognition technology. As a result, this company has a singular focus on developing and introducing the best iris analysis and matching algorithms and the most compact yet powerful camera hardware. This passion was ignited by our founder, Dr.Daehoon Kim, who first developed an interest in the iris while a researcher at the Mayo Clinic.

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