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My name is Jorge Jimenez A.K.A. IRYOKU, from Zaragoza (Spain), where I was born in early '82. I received my PhD degree in real-time graphics from Universidad de Zaragoza in 2012. I currently work for Activision Blizzard, doing real-time graphics R&D.

My passion for graphics started after watching old school demos on my big brother’s Amiga A1000, who inspired me to do what I’m currently doing. After that, I was totally sold; I known I had to be a graphics programmer. My favorite topics include real-time photorealistic rendering, special effects, and squeezing rendering algorithms to be practical in game environments. I have been around the real-time graphics world for a while, so I have various contributions in books and journals, including the GPU Pro series and Transactions on Graphics. I co-organized the SIGGRAPH 2011 filtering antialiasing course, declaring open war against the jaggies. Some of my key achivements include Jimenez’s MLAA, SMAA and the separable subsurface scattering technique. Our skin renderings also made the front cover of the SIGGRAPH Asia 2010 issue.

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