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  1. 17th Bristol Encounters International Film Festival (2011)

    by Encounters SFF subscribed to

    166 Videos / 20 Followers

    Discover trailers and short films from the programme of the 17th Bristol Encounters International Film Festival (Bristol, UK).

  2. Tutto Bimbi

    by SIXTY29 CONTEMPORARY subscribed to

    49 Videos / 7 Followers

    A channel designed for young children's enjoyment - animated shorts, nature, art... anything that might look interesting.

  3. Cowboy With An Icecream

    by Ben subscribed to

    1,114 Videos / 672 Followers

    A collection of some great inspiring animations, short films, tests, adverts and promos, both old and new. Twitter @the_smoe

  4. Photojojo

    by Photojojo loves you subscribed to

    26 Videos / 4,009 Followers

  5. Mind Juice

    by Matt Schwarz subscribed to

    562 Videos / 3,016 Followers

    Welcome to a collection of videos I call Mind Juice. It's juice for your mind – a channel for only the best things I've found on Vimeo. Go on, take a sip.

  6. Student Films

    by Javed Ahmed subscribed to

    478 Videos / 5,521 Followers

    All types of Moving-Image work created by students.

  7. Everything Animated

    by Aziz Kocanaogullari subscribed to

    3,240 Videos / 32K Followers

    A channel for admirers of animation. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the greatest animation talent out there carefully handpicked for you! For all submissions: submit@everythinganimated.tv Don't…

  8. kidproof

    by nagash subscribed to

    114 Videos / 1,238 Followers

    a gathering of videos suited for kids, even the smallest ones. rules: no violence, no adult themes, no language barriers. contributions are welcome :)


    by Phil Schmidt subscribed to

    464 Videos / 3,311 Followers

    A channel for the true lovers of simple but artsy films from photos like timelapses, short stories ... or anything in between. films shall be: simple, artsy, lovely, experimental and inspiring…

  10. stop motion is not only...

    by daniela.uribe subscribed to

    165 Videos / 160 Followers

    Stop motion animation is typically associated with clay puppets when it is only a choice of all the million possibilities afforded by this technique, stop motion is the animation of objects that exist…


    by Vimida Das subscribed to

    1,402 Videos / 884 Followers

    A place where some of the really creative videos, especially animated ones, find a home :)

  12. The Pegbar and Grill

    by Tim McCourt subscribed to

    2,167 Videos / 2,440 Followers

    Fresh, Interesting Animation and Short Films. www.thepegbarandgrill.com Follow us on twitter twitter.com/PegBarandGrill Subscribe to our podcast 'happy our at the Pegbar and grill' https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-pegbar-and-grill/id848275029 the…

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