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I make movies. I am 15 and a student so I don't make much money. I have never had a steady job to pay for anything, but would like to change that since I have expensive taste in technology. I own a iMac and I use Final Cut Studio 2.0. This includes Final Cut Pro and Soundtrack which I use on just about all my movies. Occasionally I use Motion for the intros but it take a lot of time so I don't do it a lot.

Cinematography is my style. There is a deep meaning behind each movie. My HD camera lets me portray that meaning in a way that connects to everyone. Making music is something I enjoy doing, if I am not working on a movie. I someday wish to be a music producer even though my talents have not fully developed in that field of work.

I plan on attending the Academy of Arts in either Sacramento or San Francisco, because Filming/Directing and Sound Engineering is something I am interested in, and they provide the right tools to start my career in anything I do.

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