Ahmed Ali

Islamabad, Pakistan

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I am a musician and sound designer proudly working on Pakistani Products.

Folio includes Feature Film Work (Sound Design, ADR, Foley, Music, Mixing for 5.1)
Sound Design for BURKA AVENGER Season 1 and Season 2
Game Design work for various games.

Occasionally I throw my own songs just for fun ;)


  1. CJ Basie
  2. Wah Wah Music
  3. Nabeel Ahmed
  4. Muffee makes art
  5. Lucid Studios
  6. Clockwork VFX
  7. Ryan Thompson
  8. Toby Hulse
  9. Carlos Lascano
  10. Waves Audio
  11. Jason Heine
  12. Andrea Damiano // Sound Design
  13. Film Riot
  14. Fayyaz Ahmed
  15. Insiya Syed
  16. nofil naqvi
  17. Shahi Hasan
  18. Diego Stocco

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  1. Totally forgot about this until i discovered it today. The tradition has continued and it looks and feels amazing.