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Alexandria, Egypt

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Islam Kamal
Visual Artist and Filmmaker, Employer at Figleaf Studios- Video Department
Alexandria Egypt
Phone : 002\0100 639 61 95
Work : 002\03 555 3883
Email :
Educations, Gedrees and Profession Fields
Graduate of the Faculty of Fine
Arts of the University of Alexandria,
Mastered painting.
Studied movie making with "SEMAT "at
The Jesuit Cultural Center
working as a director of photography for several digital video films,
and as the coordinator of film studies at the Jesuit Cultural Center.
directed several short films and five documentaries. Some of them
has been presented in 2008 during the XIII Biennial of Young Artists
from Europe and the Mediterranean, in Bari.
Previous Work
As a Director (Seleceted Work)
2009 ‘Shali ghali’ the remote city documentary -jury prize of the
sixteen national festival of Egyptian cinema
2009 ‘Public Domain’ experimental, selected for ,Solus independent
film collective "IRISH/ARABIAN 'avant gard' film tour 2009
2008 ‘Surface’ experimental
2007 sculpture symposium “natural stones” » Art Center, Bibliotheca Alexandrina
2007 Seven color for a birthday" contemporary dance video: by
:Mohamed dshafik, faces group &sida, production
2005 Short documentaries about fishermen village in suburban out of Alexandria, MAD MAX 2004&BUSTASHY 2005

2004« Icarus », short fiction, script and direction
2004. short documentary "city report "
As a Director Of Photography (Seleceted Work)
2004 ‘ From Away’, directed by: Mohamed Rshad – Jesuit cultural center Alexandria
‘Andemuon’ , by: Mohamed Siam ,– Jesuit cultural center Alexandria
2006 ‘Islands’, by: Mohamed salah– clutter resources award 2006.
‘Maxim’, by: Mohamed rshad -Jesuit cultural center Alexandria
‘Amadeus’ documentary" ,by emad mabro - ARTS CENER BIBLIOTHECA
‘Florescent lamp’, directed by Emad maher - FIG LEA STUDIO
2009 ‘Trahn’ (you bet ) :, by: mark lofty - Bibliotheca Alexandrina &FIG LEASTUDIOS
‘Global warning’ directed by khald hamad –green piece
‘Google knoll’ "Arabic edition". –Google production.
2010 shi llah’ by rina kury

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