Iso-Syöte, Finland

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The official Vimeo for Iso-Syöte SnowPark.

Iso-Syöte is the best Finnish ski resort. One of the reasons why we are so great is our FANTASTIC SnowPark! :)

If you love to shred, Iso-Syöte SnowPark is your ultimate play zone.
Offering a great variety of obstacles, ever changing SnowPark is always interesting and fun, no matter when you visit. The park boasts over 1000 metres long "main" park, where you can fing boxes, rails, jumps, bonks, wallrides and other little nick nacks for your entertainment.

JibPark is next to the main park. It´s featuring a setting of obstacles that really beg to be creatively ridden! Those features are are built to lure riders imagination. Challenge yourself and your technical skills! The JibPark is a mixture of a skatepark and kids playzone, you set up the rules for your game.

Mini Street is the newest part of Iso-Syöte SnowPark. It's built for the freestyle "greens", to have a fun and safe place to start. Featuring funboxes, pipes, hips and a wavy trail MiniStreet is so much fun, we often see the big boys playing there aswell.

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