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“Itamar Ziegler is known to an ever-increasing audience of music lovers as one of the world's distinctive voices on bass and guitar. Whether heard with indie rock band Pink Noise, with electro / Gypsy sensation Balkan Beat Box, with the innovative Shotnez, or on his solo records, Itamar's distinctive musical voice shines through.

There is something soul touching about the musical adventures that are the solo albums of Itamar Ziegler. These works are the product of a very personal kind of creation: Itamar records the albums at his own studio, playing almost all of the instruments himself. The music brings the intimacy of a private meditation by a brilliant musical mind straight to the listener” / Jeremiah Lockwood

Born and raised in Israel, Itamar began his musical studies on the guitar, but soon found his niche on the bass. By the age of 19 he was one of the most sought-after musicians in Israel, performing with top national acts and world-renowned performers. After Def Jam Records signed his band Sideffect, Itamar moved to New York City, where he has lived and worked ever since. In addition to his work with Pink Noise and Balkan Beat Box, Itamar has recorded and performed with acts including Firewater, Shotnez, The Blam and Victoria Hanna to name a few.

Itamar has also worked as a composer for film and television, scoring the BBC documentary Blue Blood, which debuted at the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival, Miao Wang's documentary "Beijing Taxi" along with his friend and colleague Stephen Ulrich. Together with Shotnez he worked on Miao Wang’s much-lauded documentary Yellow Ox Mountain. He frequently collaborates with his filmmaker brother, Yoni Zigler. Itamar’s instrumentals are constantly featured on numerous MTV programs.

Itamar's solo albums have been his main focus in recent years. He completed his self-titled first album in 2003, followed by his second album, "The Birds, The Sky, The Trees...all that shit," in 2006. Both albums received excellent reviews and in 2006 Itamar was signed by the Israeli record label The 8th Note. Itamar’s new album “Memories of Now” was released in August 2010 with Anova Music (ISR)

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