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  1. Quartz Compositions

    by Subtiv joined

    237 Videos 113 Members

    Some Quartz Compositions....

  2. Quartz Composer

    by Dimitre joined

    488 Videos 138 Members

  3. Quartz Composer

    by Rob McDougall joined

    1,984 Videos 862 Members

    Quartz Composer is Apple's node-based 3D programming language. This group is intended to bring together QC users/programmers to showcase their work and discuss the application. Go ahead!…

  4. TouchDesigner

    by Derivative joined

    1,697 Videos 1,619 Members

    TouchDesigner is a development environment for visual artists, animators, and everyone else to build powerful interactive graphics-accelerated 3D worlds and applications. See the TouchDesigner…

  5. ∆ICASEA

    by ∆ICASEA joined

    16 Videos 14 Members

    ICASEA was established in 2008 by Satoshi Aizawa, Tom Knapp and Alex Peverett as a platform for physical and digital domain releases from sound artists and electronic musicians working in various…

  6. Supercollider

    by Carlos Cha joined

    92 Videos 62 Members

  7. Sound Visualization

    by Wuestenarchitekten joined

    558 Videos 132 Members

  8. processing

    by Dimitre joined

    3,115 Videos 2,991 Members

    http://processing.org Processing is an open source programming language and environment for people who want to program images, animation, and interactions. It is used by students, artists, designers,…

  9. Jitter Visuals

    by Bryan Teoh joined

    1,176 Videos 664 Members

    A place to share new works, discuss techniques, and share ideas related to Cycling '74's Jitter.

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