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Itch Film is based in production offices above our state of the art motion control studio in central London.

Itch Film Creative Director Charlie Paul currently specialises in high-end food beauty however his renowned history is in animation. These roots give him the expertise to head our award winning animation team delivering content in all mediums, for commercials and digital online publication.

Our studio facilities enable Itch Directors to explore and experiment with new technologies and develop innovative techniques to provide our clients with original creative ideas and solutions. Charlie Paul has long held partnerships with a number of Artists and Designers who work with Itch Directors. These collaborations create fluidity in how we respond to the individual challenges of each project.

We have the only permanently fixed motion control rig in central London. The rig moves on all axis and is compatible with both 35mm film and the Red Camera. We have full lighting packages and an expert crew on-site making us the perfect set up for tabletop, product & shot replacement sequences.

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