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In addition to film and video production for sports, music, live broadcast, documentary & news, ITJ Productions specialises in factual entertainment and video production created under extreme circumstances. We provide logistics, production management, camera, sound and editing in environments that are difficult to reach and lack infrastructure as well as in potentially dangerous situations.
A network of highly skilled and experienced freelance camera operators and DOPs and the ability to deal with unexpected difficulties quickly, allow us to handle a large variety of challenging circumstances.
ITJ Productions operates solely with the smallest possible crew to insure a minimally invasive and incredibly flexible production. This provides us with the opportunity to film immersive anthropological documentaries or wildlife, where a large team would disrupt the natural behaviour of the subject and possibly change the outcome of the story in a discrete, respectful and cautious fashion.
If you are in need of a promotional video for your aid organisation or NGO or are looking to produce a documentary or news story in challenging and dangerous locations such conflict areas, extreme alpine territory, remote rainforest regions or even under water, ITJ Productions provides its customers with high quality material tailored to the client's needs and wishes.
Due to the limited size of the crew and the flexibility that comes with it, ITJ Productions also provides solutions for small budgets and tight time constraints.
It is the company's mission statement to interfere as little as possible with the natural progression of the situation and treat all subjects involved respectfully and with great care.

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