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To Our Customers
We want our customers to experience the best in hair care products. It’s with this commitment that we strive to bring It’s a 10 to homes around the world. We only provide the highest quality of products so that our customers can have that “salon experience” right in their own homes. We also understand that hair care goes beyond just the products used to improve hair health and styling techniques. Hair care is also about staying up to date on information about what’s going on in the hair industry.
We want our customers to get the most out of their hair care products. Join our different networks to get the latest in hair care tips, tricks, trends and more:
To Our Retailers

As salon professionals ourselves, your needs and desires help us create the best in professional hair care products. It’s a 10 relies on the leadership, knowledge and feedback of its salons and retailers to share their experiences with our products.

Over the years we have established a reputation for great hair care products. We have cultivated a friendly professional environment, and worked hard to establish long-lasting relationships with those who help us distribute them world-wide. It’s a 10 is honored to have the working relationships with those that believe in our products as much as we do.

If you haven’t tried It’s a 10, then we encourage you to truly see why we’ve earned the reputation for “a perfect 10, every time.”

The pair shared the belief that an excellent multipurpose product that delivered salon-quality results was the answer. It wasn’t, however, quite that simple. It actually took years of reformulation, testing, and trial and error before Carolyn and Scott could say “this line is perfect – It’s a 10.” Today, their hands-on approach and personal dedication brings the power, flexibility, and simplicity of the It’s a 10 line into fine salons around the world.

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