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Its About Them Asia (IATA) IS really about them people in Asia. Our team will embark on a mission to explore the countries in Asia, unearthing the various cultures, history and visit interesting places – all of which you may or may not know about.

Our krew is made of non-avid travellers so this makes all the information and journey they embark on 'raw and juicy', providing viewers the first time experience. They represent those people who hasn't travelled out to these places yet.

The best part of it all is that they will be bringing back exotic souvenirs from these places, paste them up all online. If you like what you see or even think that special someone would love it, stay updated here!

This is more than just 'another travel site'. We bring you the 'almost there' experience.

So, don't run away too far as we've got updates that may keep you involved more than you initially wanted. Meantime, embark our journey in exploring together.

Why wait for an adventure to happen? Create that adventure cause' life's too short to be waiting around... Enjoy!

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