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Greenville, SC

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From making strawberry jam to flower arranging, Jo Rae has found the joy of bringing a bit of nature indoors transforms houses into homes. Her love for Jesus, and home and garden, has been interwoven into the fabric of her writing, television, radio segments, and website. Jo Rae’s goal is to inspire women to use their God-given talents to create a sanctuary where they live. She is available for new opportunities and is willing to relocate.

Specialties:Jo Rae covers a multitude of topics which include:

• Places & Spaces (Organization)
• Garden Rooms (Outdoor Decorating)
• This Old Thing? (Repurpose & Reuse)
• Creating Beauty (Craft)
• Open House (Entertaining)
• Inside Job (Interior Decorating)
• The Pink Tool Box (Easy Repairs & Home Improvement Projects)

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