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A transdisciplinary videoartist, sonic sculptor and experimental writer, that shows a bewildering, visionary and unclassifiable style which permeates the tired avant-garde discourse.
His audio-visual works, for which he has also composed the soundtracks, have been shown and selected at the festivals Art Futura, Ars Electrónica, ISEA, Festival Video Images Contre Nature,Concurso de Video de Navarra, Sonar, Festival de Vídeo de Musical de Vitoria-Gasteiz, Semana Internacional de Cine de Barcelona, Casa Encendida, Videoformes, Art Tech Media...

Among his last creations outstands the Kinetic Picture©.

KINOMATICS: Kinetic Pictures and Video Metamorphosis

Behind a polysemic title referred to the processes of decomposition that suffers the organic thing in general and the film material in particular, as for example the dye fading of the image, Dye a V (east) is an audio-visual cyclical progression that reflects the displacement of creative “self” faced to a leviatanic culture.
Iury Lech "dyes" the screen with experiences and superposed layers, relating to it as if it were a tattooed, wounded membrane, saturating with digital visions that reenacts the widespread idea of the evil as a form of privatization of the pleasure and of the pain. This poeticity of the invisible is developed with tools as the visual disorientation, the environmental simulation, the manipulation of the color and the manufacture of a juxtaposed reality.

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