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Ivana Consolani is an argentinean Actress and Presenter. She graduated from the "Jolie Libois Institute" with a bachelor in Dramatic Arts (2008).
Since, She has participated in numerous theater plays such as "Waiting for Godot", "The Little Prince", "Pigmalion", "The Cenci", among others and also plenty of short films and feature films such us ¨La Patria Equivocada" and cordobese success "De Caravana" in all national movie theaters.
Besides having taking off with her acting career in her country, she has left footprints in the Middle East by continuing her training through the hand of her acting couch at the ¨Miranda Davidson Studios¨ in Dubai.
Having stablished herself in the United Arab Emirates, Ivana has participated in the city community theater and also in many local short film productions such as "A Genie Called Gin", "Classifieds", "Paradise Falls" for film festivals and contests. She launched herself into a new field by working as an Internet Presenter for famous website ww.MyDubaiMyCity.com that promotes the lifestyle of the city.
In order to perfectionate her acting skills, Ivana has recently assisted at the "Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute" in Los Angeles for On Camera and Audition technique workshops.

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