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Hailing from California, Ives is a musical anomaly: four young musicians who perform music of strength and depth, with sweeping intellectual and emotional qualities. Members Jason Tolliver, Drew Newman, Bryce Newman, and Kyle Moore, converge in a musical display of craftsmanship unlike other contemporary rock bands.

Musically, Ives culls its influences from all walks of life: pop, theatre, and conceptually oriented music of the past; yet, has one foot placed firmly in the future, looking towards new musical landscapes and expressions.
Their newest release, The Incredible Story of Mr. Birch (produced by Kenny Riley of Studio 150 and Electric Lady Land Studios) is a tour through the imaginary world of a circus leader, Mr. Birch.

Though a concept album, tracks on The Incredible Story of Mr. Birch loom large with infectious melodies, riveting guitars, and heart pounding rhythms.
The album is one of excellence.

As one station manager describes, “After absorbing the first track, “Funfair,” I’m thinking, ok this is definitely not a bad way to start an album. So my curiosity gets fed and after listening to the entirety of the first two tracks (something I almost never do). I’m sort of hooked. By the fourth listen of the entire album, I’m literally struggling to find fault with a songs. Ives is the first band I’ve heard in several years that made me feel that sense of “this will be a true up and coming band. ”

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