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Iybrid Moving Pictures are a literal hybrid (hence the name) of photography, interactive design and video & film production––combined with the direction and lighting design of modern theatre.

The moving pictures are intended for viewing offline––on electronic media such as iPads, iPhones and other mobile smart devices––as well as online through a web browser. Moreover, this content is ideal for the new generation of outdoor and indoor electronic displays and billboards.

The development of the Iybrid 'Moving Pictures' was the answer to three creative challenges:

Firstly; to create moving images that have an authentic photographic aesthetic. Real photography, that moves.

Secondly; to subtly choreograph the moving imagery with animated typography, enabling the viewer to both watch and to read without distraction.

Thirdly; to simultaneously shoot moving content for screen with single frames for print, frames that look like a real photograph, not simply like a still from a movie.

Iybrid was founded by James Bareham ( @happicamp ) and is part of The New Cruelty ( @newcruelty )

For more information, please contact info@iybrid.com or follow @iybrid

The Iybrid Moving Picture Company
Part of The New Cruelty
190 North 10th Street #308
Brooklyn, New York 11211 USA

Tel: +1 212-219-8777
fax: + 1 917-677-8969
email: info@iybrid.com
web: iybrid.com

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