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South Africa

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I am an independent filmmaker with experience in a broad spectrum of work from scripting, directing, editing to producing, budgeting and post production supervisor, on a variety of subjects; varying from Sport, Education, Arts & culture, Human Interest, Women and Children's Rights, Animals/Wildlife, Ecological, Travel, Fashion & Beauty to Reality, Training and Corporate. I understand SD and HD workflow. I've worked extensively in the local (South African) film and TV industry but also gained experience dealing with overseas clients in Europe and America.

I have experience in various editing systems, Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, Velocity, Stratosphere and Adobe Premiere. I have off-line and on-line experience and sound design and have a basic understanding of Pro Tools. I am member of the South African Guild of Editors (SAGE) (details on the website sage.co.za).

On a more personal note: Apart from being a mother and a runner, I'm busy with my Diploma in Wine Tasting at the Cape Wine Academy and when I do have extra time, I like to read, camp, hike, cook and socialise with friends.

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